The book is based on email conversations between Robertina Sebjanic and myself prior our joint exhibition Connected by Signals at Herman Pecaric Gallery, Slovenia. The cut out sentences creates a loose and fragmentised narrative, though as reading develops, connections grow and links are created among the words. The wish of trying to make something together despite a distance and mundane obsticals becomes prominent.

The text has been edited by Ulrich Hansen.
Front cover; part of a digital print that I showed at the exhibition Connected by Signals.

Hand printed 2009 in a limited edition of 28 books due the size of the print.



R: I do despretli need to talk

M: Use the hole space

R: Back in Ljubljana…happy time (more or leas)

M: Tomorrow kids are back in school

R: I will have operation. It can be dangerous.

M: I should sit and write but I thought I better send something;
I have nothing to say though.

R: They will cut one part out of me

M: Spaces collaps

R: On my way to my parents.

M: Now I’m a free woman, no obligations no nothing. No money and no job.

R: Is women’s dan zena.

M: I will start work again as soon as I have a table in a room somewhere outside my home.

R: I just want to live

M: Du trodde det skulle vara mojligt

R: It’s bizzare but I do miss it so and people

M: Think of us who are still here

R: I was thinking of your interest in peoples windows

M: It never stops raining, I don’t understand why.

R: Now goody news, I have gallery for us

M: Been home today with Jana. Caotic and quiet at the same time.

R: We can ’play association’ - what do you say.

M: It’s dwelling in my mind constantly but I don’t get anywhere

R: I will be able to organise me into this connection between me and you tonight

M: Yesterday went kaotic tonight I’ll be online.

R: I will sand you some skens of my skeet’s

M: My brain has stoped working but my eyes are open

R: A bit sleepi hope you will understend everithin

M: Working nightshift could speake on Monday

R: My idea goes like this, you would have a lighthouse by the see.

M: I’m still looking for a darkroom things are increddible slow. It will come…

R: Slovenian sea site, city wall.

M: Homage to old time travellers

R: I will sand you and tomorrow we can find us again

M: Do you have time now? briefly?

R: Ola its desaster with my logistics sorry roro

M: We never seem to be able to talk

R: Oj Mari I will be more or les at home

M: We are, lost or not lost

R: Ola mari we didn’t find us

M: on holiday with kids, its hard to find time

R: Define the playful

M: Two people, dialogue, something.

R: Are you for skype coffe in to minuts

M: I attach two images, something concrete. Horn film downstairs.

R: I have a bit of lost feeling in writing

M: Use the correspondence! open it up to someone

R: Aloha Mari, what’s up with you?

M: Don’t know where I’ve been

R: I’m at job - so bizzy mizzzy

M: Sorry, fell asleep on the sofa think I better go to bed, will try to be on tomorrow.

R: Hey we don’t have luck to find us

M: Friday night from Gothenburgh, Saturday night in Ljubljana.

R: I will mark out something that is not always possible or even impossible to define.

M: This is where I stand at the moment.

R: is a beautiful

M: Piran people say about the city

R: how hapen fis taht you cant find my e-mail

M: Things always change

R: If I will have energy I will do it - otherweis not - my gram is the same - so its still avtentic.

M: Oj sorry i went aut beffore – and I go aut agin now - heve to prepare for the opening, are you ok?

R: Will do it one more time, you are write

M: My friend in Glasgow wants to write

R: We do write oll the time, recut it.

M: ...but I like to be in the loop