Från gran till gräslök / From fir to chive
8m x 3,80, 2016

A temporary garden consisting of 14 wooden boxes on wheels filled with plants and placed on Kungsportsavenyen "Avenyn" and made for Gothenburg Green World 2016

Every plant has a story or we write one for it. A plant that we recognize can make us remember, perhaps grandma’s kitchen and how it felt just at that particular place and time. Perhaps a tree has been planted for a special event and every time we go past it we are reminded of what happened. But every species also has a greater history that usually stretches back a long way in both time and space. These histories is what this garden is about.

In this garden I divide up a very ordinary and for many people a recognizable garden into separate parts. Each species gets one box. The movable boxes lead to thoughts of archives and how we systematize the world around us to make it comprehensible and to gain control.

In one of the garden’s boxes you will find fir trees: it stands for the surrounding landscape, chives in another box stand for what can be cultivated close to our homes. Everything else in between are plants that can be found in an ordinary garden, somewhere in Sweden.

The text for each plant has been collected into a small compendium and was available at the site during the last day of the exhibition. Read the texts and find more information here.

Special thanks to: Lars Kristensen, Ulrich Hansen, Marcus Lagerquist, Bladverk (Fredrik Berggren), Åsa Sahlin, Theo Ågren, Gunnel Lagerquist, Olivia Gragnon and ABIS

ABIS is an anti-racist cooperative. They have two main purposes. The first is to hire asylum seekers in order for them to apply for work and residence permit in Sweden. The second is to work for a more humane refugee policy, and against xenophobia and racism.