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Some of the books are sold at Aye-Aye Books at CCA Glasgow, MottoBooks and Barbara Wien Galerie und Buchhandlung für Kunstbücher both Berlin, Galleri Babel Trondheim, Glyptoteket and Den Frie Udstillningsbygning -minus both Copenhagen.


Från gran till gräslök / From fir to chive

A small collection of texts that accompanied my garden project on Avenyn in Gothenburg(<<more info here)
during the summer 2016. The garden was made up from common and familiar plants that can be found in
Swedish gardens. Focus of each text is when and why these plants came to Sweden and what can we find
out about these histories of cultivation and migration?

Translated from Swedish to English by Ulrich Hansen
Images stolen from the web

An envelope including all 14 texts, in both languages, can be ordered from:



Native Plants, Invasive Plants Special Edition Box

A herbarium is a systematically arranged collection of dried plants. A typical collection is housed in a room or a building,
or just a box or cabinet in which dried plants are kept. The word herbarium comes from Latin herba meaning grass,
herb, or vegetation.

The special edition box provides you with (almost) everything you need to make your own herbarium.

Made in an edtion of 10
and can be orderd at Sailor Press website or by emailing



Native Plants, Invasive Plants

A herbarium in Cairo and an allotment in Gothenburg; both are appearing in one book.
The two places are linked through images and texts, but, at the same time, their differences
are obvious. Both spaces contain plants, an unkept plot of land opposed to a dried garden
behind closed cabinet doors. Order versus disorder, the living versus the dead, indoors versus
outdoors. What these spaces have in common is a desire to belong, to demand a place, and to
organize space according to ones own tradition. The origin of the book is the work of Swedish
botanist Vivi Täckholm. Täckholm chose Cairo as her hometown and worked within a tradition
of botany, which has a long history. The dialogue continues in the formal structure of the book,
where the English language is prevailing on a German paper size imbedded in an Arabic structure. 

Published by Sailor Press 2015
Graphic design Matilda Plöjel

Printed in a number of 250 and can be orderd at Sailor Press website.

Publised with support from Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse & Konstnärsnämnden.




Från ett år till ett annat / From one year to another
The last issue of Bilaga 2014 and posted in time for the New Year.




Jag stannar tills snön faller (I'll stay until snow falls)
Four images in a folder.
Scanned negative and digital printed 2014

Printed in few numbers


Travelogue / In my pocket
On the 19th of September 2012 I travelled to Alexandria, Egypt.
In my luggage I had a camera and in my pocket a phone.

50 images collected in a book with a form that reminisce old time photography albums,
family albums - and travelogues. With the book is a text written that tries to connect the images
with a longer history of travel photography. The text is translated from Swedish to
Arabic by Sausan Rook & Tezt Rooke, and to English by Ulrich Hansen.

Bookbinding and form by Olle Essvik
Rojal Förlag 2014

1 copy & 2 Artist Proof

The book is donated to the Artists Book collection at the Library of Alexandria, Egypt.

Before it arrived at its final destination in Alexandria the book made a small tour to four different libraries in Gothenburg for public display.
Hasselblad Foundation Library. Kulturhuset Kåken, Örgryte-Härlanda. Bergsjöns Bibliotek and Partille Bibliotek.



Modern Temples

The photographs in this book were made in the autumn of 2011, a time during which Greece experienced
demonstrations and riots due to economic austerity measures. In the images there is no sign of
disturbance but rather a permeating peace, and an autumnal mood is descending as the tourists are
leaving the island. Abandoned or halted building projects are common in the area, often due to tax
benefits, but simultaneously they become a symbol of the dream that never came true. Dreams of a
large house by the sea, a summer palace, one's own temple in the countryside, about expansion and
economic invulnerability. Dreams that are not specific to the small island of Lefkada or the country
Greece but are global and omnipresent.

The book consists of text written by Hans Lyngsgaard and Mari Lagerquist’s ten photos, which are
perforated at the spine, allowing them to be taken out, displayed, or, with a stamp, to be passed on.

ISBN 978-91-979523-6-1
Published by A Shoal of Mackerel 2013
Printed with the kind support of Stiftelsen Längmanska Kulturfonden.


At the same time, in Greece, in Asprogerakata and in collaboration with Nina Lassila and Eeva-Liisa Puhkka
a comment was written (and answered) on a wall.



The work was made as the first issue of Bilaga 2013 and posted in time for International Women Day.

90° by Nina Lassila and Modern Temples by Mari Lagerquist.
For the forth issue of Bilaga 2011.

The works was made during their stay at Sfakiotes Residency on the island Lefkas during the month
of October 2011 when Greece economy and political situation was at a critical point

Nina Lassila


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Till minne av de vita pelikanerna / In Memory of the Great White Pelicans.
A map containing the history of some misplaced birds trapped in a city park in Gothenburg and
cherished by its citizens. Could be seen as a tale of unwanted immigration.

Screen-printed by hand in five different colors.

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Galgar - en familjehistoria.
Clothes hangers – a family story.

A collection of clothes hangers that have come to my possession during the years.
32 pages, printed by hand.

Pulished by A Shoal of Mackerel
ISBN 978-91-979523-1-6



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The Wee Blesser. The second edition of BILAGA limited editions.
In the wake of the holy period of Easter, the Chinese New Year and through the ashes
of a volcano rises The Wee Blesser. In fold up format, it can be transported to another
area/arena where help is needed. The Wee Blesser is the Patron of Art. 




Seven Sisters.
Based on an email conversation that started after a search for a relative – perhaps.


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I DO DESPERATELY NEED TO TALK. This flippbook is based on email conversations
between Robertina Sebjanic and myself prior our joint exhibition Connected by Signals
at Herman Pecaric Gallery, Slovenia.

Hand printed and hand bound with an interscrew.

©Robertina Sebjanic and Mari Lagerquist 2009


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Postcard containing verbs found on the Swedish Employment Office
website as a help to improve a CV.

Published by A Shoal of Mackerel 2009 sold at CMYK in Copenhagen.


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A Cartographer's Breakdown. A map containing seven
short stories and an attempt to map the 'unmappable'.

Published by A Shoal of Mackerel 2008
© The Authors (Patricia Ace, Ellinor Charlotte Brown, Ulrich Hansen,
Gabriella Jönsson, Kate Tough, JL Williams) and Mari Lagerquist


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Tactical Magic, a handbook of practical tricks that can be used at any
occasion. The book provides the reader with clear instructions and
comprehensible drawings in order to safely guide the new practitioner
to a life full of magic.

©Mari and Marcus Lagerquist
Screenprinted and bound by hand
Published by A Shoal of Mackerel 2006
isbn 1-905640-11-9

Special thanks to; Adam Gruber, Allan Bune and Mark Melvin.


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One Hot Lasagne is a collection of small notes given by the same
costumer ordering the daily lunch.

©Mari Lagerquist
Hand printed and hand bound with and interscrew
Published by A Shoal of Mackerel 2004
isbn 0-9547347-3-4

Special thanks to; Marcus Lagerquist, members of staff at Roots &
Fruits and Flowers Wholefoods, Great Western Road, Glasgow.